Today’s Cat Picture | January 12, 2017

This post is in memory of Barney. Barney was Ma and Dad’s cat before they brought us home (along with his brother from another mother, Pepsi, who will be featured in a future post). We hear that Barney was a lap cat and a complete Mama’s boy. He loved to be held and he would put his arms around Ma and nuzzle against her shoulder. Sounds like he was pretty different than us, we are pretty aloof. Ma and Dad had Barney for 18 years before he died of cancer. We hear that Ma waited a whole year before she got us because she needed to heal. We are pretty glad she finally did. We know that we don’t take Barney (or Pepsi’s) place but are very happy that she has room in her heart for all of us. Meow.

~Winnie and Callan

cat photo

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