Today’s Cat Picture | January 16, 2017

cat clawing a scratching post

Did you know that us cats have scent glands in our paws? One reason we like to claw things is to leave our scent behind. Ever wonder why else we like to scratch and claw things? Much of the time we are not simply being bad kitty’s (that’s only sometimes). Other reasons are to shed the outer layer of our claws, stretch our bodies and flex our paws. In fact, we even scratch when we are excited such as when Ma and Dad come home from work. We do this EVERY night when they come home and they didn’t even know why until right now. See we can teach humans things, too.

This is the scratching post that Ma got us. She likes it because it’s tall (we are pretty big boys!) and it’s made in the USA. We do a number on it but we love it and it’s holding up well.  Just make sure to get a scratching post that is taller than your cat. We kitties need to get a really good stretch so we outgrew the scratching post we had as kittens pretty quickly. Ma recommends that you get a tall one to start with so your kitten can still use it as they grow. Meow.

~Callan and Winnie

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Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. I am not paid to promote this product, we have this in our home and our cats use it daily.


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