Today’s Cat Picture | March 12, 2017

Shelter Cat Sunday

Today’s featured shelter cat is Twinkles. She is an adult female and is available for adoption from the Delaware Human Society.

Twinkles is a mama cat who was surrendered by her owners along with her kittens, who have all been adopted. Twinkles is black with some white on her chest and belly. She also has white speckled throughout the rest of her fur, which is very pretty. Twinkles likes people and will seek out attention, but she is not needy. She is curious and likes to observe what is going on around her. Twinkles would be happiest in a home without other cats. We are not yet sure how she is with dogs or kids. Twinkles has done her job as as a mama and is ready to be showered with love by her people.

black cat with white spot on chest up for adoption

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